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Premier Quality Foods

Drop-Off Buffet Style Meals

Are you searching for a place you can order tasty, healthy foods from the comfort of your home or office? Or maybe you need to order something for your staff, casual meeting, or a special treat for a special someone?

Food Truck Catering Services

At Huckleberry Grill, we set the standard when it comes to exceptional food truck catering services. We want our clients to move from the ordinary one specialty, cheap meal and into a new world of 3-course high end meals.

Weddings, Events & Corporate Catering Service

With many years of experience in the catering industry, Huckleberry Grill has served thousands of weddings and corporate events. We know the ins and outs of catering.





Huckleberry Grill

Huckleberry Grill is a full-service events catering and custom menus company here in West Valley, UT. We provide premier quality hand-crafted meals made using fresh ingredients for corporates and private events at affordable prices.

Our Services

  • Drop-off Buffet-Style Meals
  • Food Truck Catering Services
  • Weddings, Events & Corporate Catering

Our Service Areas

  • Salt Lake County
  • Point of the Mountain
  • Park City Areas
  • Northern Utah
  • Wasatch Front

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To schedule your catering service give us a call or use our contact form to send us a message. And if you need some quick meal, make your order online and we’ll deliver on time.

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Huckleberry Grill

Hand-Crafted Meals Made Using Fresh Ingredients

At Huckleberry Grill, we provide delicious meals made from fresh ingredients so you can enjoy an exquisite dining experience. Whether you are at home, office or other unique venues, we guarantee a restaurant status cuisine.
Affordable Catering Services
We understand how important it is to stick to your budget so we offer a catering service that suits it.
Customized Menus
The chef at Huckleberry Grill will prepare foods that will meet the unique needs of your occasion. Whether you need gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options, we have them all!
Premier Quality Foods
We only use top-quality products so you can take pride in serving top-of-the-range meals in your event.
Huckleberry Grill

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